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This is a reminiscence of the past, a past of struggle, unity, courage and some achievements which portray how We sprout out as a unique and model association . While you are going through this, you may not underestimate our predecessors’ struggle, protest and various achievements .

Erstwhile Agricultural Assistants Association was registered as Agricultural Field Man Association (AFMA) in the year 1966. Until the Agriculture department  became an independent department in the year 1970, one Junior Agricultural officer (Today’s AO) and one Field Man (Today’s AA) were only the agricultural extension workforce under the Block development officer. In 1973 designation of Agricultural Field Man is changed to Agricultural demonstrators and thus the name of Association was changed as Agricultural Demonstrators Association (ADA) with the same Flag and Registration number. As a result of relentless activities of ADA leaders the Association became entrenched all over Kerala with in few years, thus another established association, Federation of Agricultural Demonstrators (FAD) was merged into ADA in the year 1976. Later the ADA became the pioneer of Agricultural Assistants’ Association (AAA) and the Association has been using the very same registration number and flag. Thenceforth the Association is inevitable and significant among other categories of Agricultural Department.

The period from 1974 to 1977 Association made lot of remarkable struggles to attain PTA and PCA. The result of this struggle attracted the whole Agricultural Demonstrators to the Association, by the end of 1980 all the Agricultural Demonstrators came under a single flag and further we could attain many rights as Agricultural Assistants. During these time Agricultural Assistants Association was considered even in policy making activities of Agricultural department.

Association protested on 26-3-1981 demanding various rights, consequently Agricultural Minister Smt.KR.Gouriyamma ordered to start T&B system. Later in 1982 Agricultural Minister Sri.Cyriasc John called for a discussion with delegates of Association and sanctioned new post of 36 Agricultural Assistants (Now AFO).By the year 1982 Five percent promotion post for VEO was deleted and ordered to sanction the 5% exclusively for Agricultural Demonstrators.

The 18 th state meeting of Agricultural Association proposed to the Govt: to recognize Agricultural Demonstrators as technical staff and on 23-5-86 conducted a state wide protest march. A news Bullettin was published in the year 1987 after the 20th h state meeting which was held at Kottayam.

On 14-11-87 Association submitted a grievance letter to the Hon: Agricultural minister and pursued with a  Dharna on 10-1-88 and 15-3-88 at all District HQ. As a result of the protest march on 5-5-88 before various Dist Offices and at Directorate,Vikas Bhavan,Thiruvananthapuram Hon: Agricultural   minister called for a conference.

After the submission of a representation before Pay Commission of the year 1988, Agricultural demonstrators’ scale of pay ,was increased than that of others on the same scale .

State Council on10-12-88,11-12-88 and 27-12-88 held at Thiruvananthapuram  proclaimed a strike  on 17-3-89 raising various demands and organized a protest march  at various district HQ and prior  to this Dharna the Association conducted a Secretariat March on 10-2-89.

After the Strike on 17-3-87 Association delegates were called for a discussion and on 5-7-89 the designation of Agricultural Demonstrators was changed to Agricultural Assistants instead of the demanded designation Agricultural Extension Officer (AEO), 30 new Agricultural field Officers (AFO) posts were also sanctioned, thus total AFO posts raised to 66.This is a historical and remarkable gain of Association as a result of our togetherness.

Due to the change of designation Agricultural Demonstrators’ Association (ADA) was renamed as Agricultural Assistants Association of Kerala with the same registration number and the flag as per the bylaw.

Some members, who inclined to Joint Council, persuaded to affiliate the Association to the Joint Council and argued for that, whereas our old leaders’ fore sight helped the Association in such a critical time to remain without political background, then the counter part formed Technical staff Association under the affiliation of Joint Council. Yet the Association still exists as a Politics free Association and has  deeply in all districts of Kerala.

1998 pay commission allowed that Agricultural Assistants’ can avail 23 years of higher grade at the scale of pay of AFO and ordered with effect from form 1999 . The AFO and AO  are doing same work and had been paid at the same rate till 1998.But 1998 Commission ignored Agricultural Assistants and allowed another scale of Pay for Agricultural officers ie.6675-10550 .

After long term struggle conducted by Agricultural Assistants Association AFO post was elevated as gazetted post as per GO(MS) 140/2001 dtd 22-5-01, unfortunately this order was misinterpreted by  some others. Agricultural Assistants Association moved to the court and attained the verdict. As per the vide verdict Hon. High Court directed to sanction the Pay of A.F.O to all Agricultural Assistants who completed 23 years of service.

The 37 the state conference of Agricultural Assistants’ Association has conducted at Town Hall, Palakkad. In pursuance to the Proposal of the State Conference, AAAK submitted various demands before Director of Agriculture and Government. But most of the proposals were ignored and thus on 3-8-2009 Association conducted a Koottadharna before the Directorate of Agriculture which has considered as a historic event in the success history of AAAK. After the Dharna Director of Agriculture discussed  various demands of Association with leaders and assured to consider some of our demands (ie. Prepare Jobchart,PCA,Ratio Promotion,) But still our main demands are not met.( Redesignation of AAO, Increase AO promotion percentage, Restore abolished AFO Post etc..)

The 38 the state conference of Agricultural Assistants’ Association has conducted at Joseph Mundassery Hall, Thrissur on 31/07/2010.

Association presented pathetic situation of Agricultural Assistants before the 9th pay Revision Commission and convinced the necessity to increase the ratio 2:2:1 among various Grades of Agricultural Assistants. The re-designation of Assistant Agricultural Officer,Basic pay hike in various grades and Fixation for AFO.As a result of the bold presentation made by the Association 9th PRC reccommended all the said demands,where as 2:2:1 Ratio promotion and The re-designation of Assistant Agricultural Officer were disappeared in the PRC order.And staged a SECRETARIATE DHARNA, ON 22/11/2010 before the secretariate to call the attention of Government.

The 39 the state conference of Agricultural Assistants’ Association has conducted at Thunjan Parambu, Thirur on 30-4-2011

After the 39th State conference, a STATE Convetion called at THRISSUR on 28/11/2011 to propagate the need of a strong protest to get the various demands. On behalf of the agreeved Agrl.Assistants AAAK announced a SECRETARIATE DHARNA ON 11/01/2012 for raising the demands AAO redesignation,2:2:1 ratio,to fill 1000 vacancy of AAs and as an immediate protests against the move to irregular appointment to 25 posts of Agricultural Oficer which was earmarked for Agricultural Assistants having 10 years service and a pass in suitabilitz test. The Dharna followed with Infinite Sathzagraha with work to Rule agitation from 12.01.12.


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