10. Justice RamaChandran Nair Commission (2014)

Government have appointed a Pay Revision Commission to study and make recommendations on revising the pay and allowances and other benefits of the State Government employees including teaching and non-teaching staff of Aided educational institutions and local bodies.


Commission Structure

Justice C.N.Ramachandran Nair (Retd.) 


Sri.K.V. Thomas,Treasury Director (Retd)


Adv. T.V. George (High Court) 



Pay Revision Order 2014 Part I  à G.O.(P) No.7/2016/Fin. Dated 21.6.2016

Pension Revision Order 2014 Part II à GO(P)No 09-2016-Fin Dated 21-01-2016

Pay Fixation software as per 10th PR order


Recommendations Part-I

Second Part of the Commission Report

9. Justice V. Rajendrababu Commission (2009)

Members : Dr. P.Mohanan Pillai , Adv. P. Venugopalan Nair

Commission starts from 25/02/2010 and directed to submit its recommendations within a period of 6 months.On 31/12/2010 Commission submitted the Report before Govt. of Kerala.

COMPLETE PAY REVISION ORDER GO(P) 85/2011/Fin dtd 26/3/2011

9th Pay Revision Commission Report is available at the following link. For easy access the file spitted into 4.

1.Introduction Part.

2.Department wise Salry details



8. R. Narayanan Commission (2006)

GO(P) No. 145/2006/Fin. Thiruvananthapuram dated. 25.3.2006.

Instead of giving effect from 1.3.2002, the date of effect was given only from 1.7.2004 with Monitory benefits from 1.4.2005. It reduced the actual wage structure of low paid employees, part-time employees and totally ignored the casual sweepers. Time bond higher Grade Scheme revised.

7. P.M. Abraham Commission (1997)

GO(P) No. 3000/98/Fin. Thiruvananthapuram dated. 25.11.1998.

The scales of pay revised merging DA at 148% on 1.1.1996. Date of effect 1.3.1997. Fitment benefit at the rate of 10% and service weightage at the rate of 1% for every completed year of service subject to a minimum of Rs.250.

Sri. G.Gopalakrishnan Pillai Pay Equalization Committee -(1992)

GO(P) No. 600/93/Fin. Thiruvananthapuram dated. 25.9.1993.

Date of effect 1.3.1992. No portion of DA merged in Basic Pay nor any weightage granted. Master scale discontinued. A fitment allowance of 7% of the basic pay in the pre-revised scale subject to a minimum of Rs.75 and a maximum of Rs.250. Service linked weightage was discontinued. No pension revision.

6. Justice T. Chandrasekhara Menon Commission -(1988)

GO(P) No. 480/89/Fin. Thiruvananthapuram dated. 1.11.1989.

Merged DA and Ad hoc DA for 608 points that existed on 1.1.1985. Date of effect 1.7.1988. Weightage allowed 1/3 % of the basic pay for every completed year of service subject to maximum of 10% and further to a minimum of Rs.60 and a maximum of Rs.250. Introduced Master Scale. The first four scales in 1988 pay revision in relatively higher than that in the 5th central pay commission. Time-bound promotion scheme, ratio & grade promotions modified liberally. Stagnation increments liberalized. The encashment of surrender leave salary also liberalized.

5 Justice V.P.Gopalan Nambiar Commission- (1983)

GO(P) No. 515/85/Fin. Thiruvananthapuram dated. 16.9.1985.

New Scales were evolved by adding DA up to 488 points that existed on 1.5.1983. Date of effect 1.7.1983. Monitory benefits from 1.4.1985. Weightage was allowed at the rate of 1/2 % of the basic pay for each year of completed service, a maximum of 15%. Minimum benefit Rs. 50.

4. Chandra Bhanu Commission -(1978)

GO(P) No. 860/78/Fin. Thiruvananthapuram dated. 16.12.1978.

DA merged up to 272 points that existed on 1.4.1975. Date of effect 1.7.1978. One increment for 10 years of service subject to a maximum of 2 increments was given as weightage. The minimum benefit is Rs.25.

3.. Pay Revision -(1973)

GO(P) No. 91/74/Fin. Thiruvananthapuram dated. 5.4.1974.

DA and Ad hoc DA up to 1.5.1973 merged to Basic Pay. Date of effect 1.7.1973. Weightage at the rate of one increment for 7 years of total service, subject to a maximum of 3 increments limiting the total benefit to Rs.50. Minimum benefit irrespective of the length of service was Rs.15.

2. V.K. Velayudhan Commission -(1968)

GO(P) No. 290/69/Fin. Thiruvananthapuram dated. 9.6.1969. Date of effect 1.7.1968.

1. K.M. Unnithan Commission -(1965)

The first Commission was in 1965 with Shri. K.M. Unnithan as Chairman. The date of effect 1.1.1966.